12u Lady Knights Fall Season Recap

The Fall 2017 season came to an end for the 12U Lady Knights this past weekend as the girls’ hopes for a championship fell just short in the last days of play. And yet in a season marked by both injury and rescheduled games due to rain, the Lady Knights showed growth and consistency as they fought hard through the entire stretch.

Coaches and parents could not be more proud of this team that one opposing manager described as having “great fire” and “class”. Regular practices and intrasquad scrimmaging paid off as both the girls’ defense and in-game decision-making proved assets. Tyler Salerno and Ava Stramara were just two of the many girls whose play in the field stood out. The catching tandem of Abby Lobasso and Emily McGowan solidified the team behind the plate and their grit and determination fueled the Lady Knights’ scrappy attitude.

Defense alone did not make the team’s season a success. Kelsey Donohue gained confidence as a starter and earned respect from teammates and opponents alike as she honed her pitching skills, and Megan Kehoe fought injury and returned to the mound to give the team a needed boost later in the season. They received offensive support from the entire team, as Julissa Flores and Leila Toomey found their strokes, while Kiki Bass and Julie Thomas specialized in long balls. Lila Salerno and both Cassidy and Dakota Cowatch complimented the team’s power with speed and great base running.

In the end, the Lady Knights may have fallen short of a championship, but they have shown great development since first coming together as a team. With this foundation in place, it is only a matter of time before these Kings Park girls rise to the top.

Ladies, thank you for the fun Fall season, and for making Kings Park proud.