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Senior Student Scholarship Awards

KPY was honored again this year to be able to provide 12 senior student athletes with a total of $5,300.00 in scholarship money at the Kings Park Senior Award Night to further their dreams. Congratulations and we wish you all the best of luck. Recipients: Taylor Eggert - Softball Sarah Robertson - Softball Ashley Giuevrekian - Cheerleading Alyssa Williams...
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2019 KPY Picnic Photos

Please take a moment to view some photo's from this year's picnic. [gallery columns="4" link="file" ids="2173,2172,2171,2170,2169,2168,2167,2166,2175,2174,2165,2164,2163,2162,2161,2160,2159,2158,2157,2156,2155,2154,2153,2152,2151,2150,2149,2148,2147,2146,2145,2144,2143,2142,2141,2140,2139,2138,2137,2136,2135,2134,2133,2132,2131,2130,2129,2128,2127,2126,2125,2124,2123,2122,2121,2120,2119,2118,2117,2116,2115,2114,2113,2112,2111,2110,2109,2108,2107,2106,2105,2104,2103,2102,2101,2100,2099,2098,2097,2096,2095,2094,2093"]...
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