Executive Board Members
Keith Krayewski, President
Carol Passantino, Vice President
Christian Farchione, Treasurer
Keri McKenna, Secretary

Directors of the Board
Tom Van Schuyler, Trustee
Kim Nunziata, Trustee
Steve Romans, Trustee
Rob Ansbach, Trustee

Special Board Appointments
Pete Ingraldi, Apparel & Equipment Coordinator
Michael Passantino, Special Projects Coordinator
TBD - Training & Development Coordinator

Grievance Committee
Tom Van Schuyler,  Chairperson
Kevin Donohue, Co Chairman

All complaints or grievances must be submitted to Kings Park Youth in writing and must be signed and provide contact information of the writer. Complaints / grievances may be submitted to Kings Park Youth either by email to either of the two board members on the grievance committee or may be sent to the organization’s PO BOX; the envelope must clearly state Kings Park Youth Grievance Committee.

Sport Program Leadership
Intramural Baseball
John Fitzgerald, Co-Commissioner
Donny Schultze, Co-Commissioner
Walter Haupt, Whitey Ford Division Coordinator

Intramural Softball
Kevin Donohue, Commissioner

Intramural Basketball
Katie Dorsey, Commissioner

Nicole Martarana, Commissioner

Craig Sadowsky , Co-Commissioner
James Bonavita, Co-Commissioner

Travel Baseball
Danny Romano, Coordinator

Travel Softball
Alyssa Leanzo, Co-Coordinator
Tom Van Schuyler, Co-Coordinator

Travel Basketball
Katie Dorsey, Coordinator

*For general inquiries about the board or KPY, please Contact Us