* Please note the new date below for our next meeting**

Originally scheduled for 1/19 but the library is now needed for a school function

January 26, 2022 – 8:00pm



The Spring Baseball/Softball Intramural Season is Around the Corner!

All members are encouraged to attend. Come hear what is happening with youth sports in Kings Park. Bring your concerns, experiences, and ideas to help us help youth sports in Kings Park. Become involved for our kids and the community!

We are especially URGING baseball/softball parents to attend this meeting. More participation is needed at the coach and coordinator positions.

KPY has over 500 children playing baseball & softball. The community needs you to help shape the 2022 season. Providing feedback and suggestions is just as helpful as coaching.

Volunteering to be part of your child’s sporting experience does not have to be a chore. The more people that are involved will make this a rewarding experience and less of a “commitment.”

The KPY Boards goal this year is to staff each team with multiple volunteers so no one person will have to shoulder the responsibility, assign volunteers to assist the board administer age divisions, special events and administrative responsibilities. You do not have to make every practice or game to volunteer!

Click here for more information on volunteering