Standards of Conduct

Good sportsmanship will be exhibited at all times by everyone.

Team managers are responsible for the conduct of everyone connected with their team (coaches, players, parents and spectators). Please notify the Division Coordinator immediately if there are any problems. If someone is thrown out of a game or made to leave the field, please notify the Division Coordinator right after the game.

The umpire/referee is the absolute authority and must be respected. Harassment of the official will result in a forfeiture of the game and possible suspension from coaching as determined by the Commissioner and/or the Board of Directors. Any dispute of calls will be conducted in a civilized manner between the official and manager/head coach only, and ONLY if it is regarding of a KPY rule. Judgment calls cannot be questioned.

If a question arises pertaining to a rule interpretation, only the team manager/head coach shall have a discussion with an official, and the discussion shall be carried on calmly and briefly.

Alcoholic beverages, smoking or tobacco products of any kind, foul language, abusive language and gestures are strictly prohibited by all.

Throwing of equipment in any manner that could cause harm to another player will result in ejection from the game. Anyone ejected from a game for any reason will be suspended for their next game as well.

Fighting in any manner will not be accepted and will result in ejection from the game and automatic league suspension.

Playing areas should be kept clean and free of litter. After the game it is the responsibility of the manager to be sure that all litter left behind by your team and spectators is cleaned. It is not the manager’s job to clean it up – please just make sure that someone does.

Only team personnel (KPY players and registered volunteers) are allowed on the field/court or in the player bench area during an officially scheduled game. All other persons should be in the appropriate spectator areas.

Only the KPY Executive Board or the Commissioners will cancel officially scheduled games (excluding in-game hazardous weather conditions or a determination by the official  that the field is unplayable.

Coaches’ Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code of Conduct is to provide the children participating in any activity with

a safe and fun environment where they can learn the fundamentals of various sports. The institution

of the 3 “R” policy is the way to accomplish our goals.

  1. Respect: As a volunteer coach you are required to respect all others that you come into contact with. This includes players, coaches, coordinators, commissioners, board members, officials, parents/guardians, and siblings. You must treat them the way you would like others to treat you!
  2. Responsibility: As a volunteer coach your responsibility is to provide the children with a fun and safe environment where they can learn the fundamentals of the sport. You must be responsible for being on time to both games and practices. You are expected to impart as much knowledge as possible about the sport to all members of your team. You are responsible for talking to your team in a normal manner at all times. You are also responsible for informing your team of all practices and games, which might include time and date changes. You are responsible for preparing your team to be as competitive as possible with the other teams in the league. You are responsible for providing the players with a good role model, in respect to sportsmanship and fair teamplay.
  3. Relax: We are all here to have fun and relax. If you are not having fun coaching the children, then let the league commissioner know immediately and we will find a replacement for you. If you can’t relax and have fun, how can you expect the children to do so? Sports are meant to be enjoyed, not dreaded. Remember these are our children you are coaching, not professional athletes. And remember these are all our kids – not just the ones on your team. So, encourage all the kids and cheer on good plays by both teams!

Managers and coaches are an extension of the Kings Park Youth Board of Directors.  Please abide by and enforce all rules set forth by the board.

Parent’s Code of Conduct

One of the most challenging aspects of coaching is to play the part of role models to our players. In the

heat of the game, it is not hard to get emotional. Regardless, we have an obligation and duty to the children to reinforce teamwork, fair play and good sportsmanship. Sometimes behavior of individuals off the field/court raises eyebrows. Just like the manager and coaches, the parents must be role models. Our children need to see as many positive examples as possible.

If all adults can remember the following, our children will have a great experience.

  • Set an example for sportsmanship for our children to follow
  • Retain perspective, there are no college scouts in the stands
  • Do not criticize the officials
  • Do not criticize an opposing team, its players, coaches or fans by word of mouth or gesture
  • Do not be a “grand stand” manager
  • Do not taunt, yell at or in any way try to distract players on the opposing team
  • Do not approach coaches, volunteers or officials at anytime during the game
  • Only registered volunteers and officials are allowed on the field/court or in the player bench areas during league games
  • Remember that everyone associated with the league, whether a board member, coach or umpire are volunteers. They are doing their very best that they can.

Player’s Code of Conduct

  • Any player using foul or abusive language or gestures to any other player, coach, official or fan WILL be ejected from the game
  • Fighting is an automatic ejection from the game
  • Any player ejected from a game is automatically suspended for the next game
  • All players are to treat their co-players, coaches, officials and fans with respect
  • Players will not taunt, yell at or in any way try to distract players on the opposing team
  • Players will congratulate the opposing team after the game