The summer intramural baseball & softball program will run approximately 6 weeks beginning on July 13, 2020.  Each age division will have approximately 2 sessions per week.  The anticipated days of play for each division are as follows:

Boys Baseball
Farm (Pre K – K) – Thursday and Saturdays
AA (1st-2nd grade) – Monday, Wednesday or Saturday
Majors (3rd-4th grade) – Tuesday, Friday or Sunday
Roger Maris (5th-7th grade) – Monday, Thursday or Saturday

Girls Softball
Farm (Pre K – 1st grade) – Thursday and Saturday
Rookie (2nd – 3rd grade) – Monday, Wednesday or Saturday
Minor (4th-5th) & Majors (6th-7th) Clinic – Monday, Wednesday or Saturday

Start times for all divisions

All Weekday sessions will begin at 545pm

Weekend sessions will have start times of either 900a, 1100a or 100p